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Senate probe into brain cancer welcomed

Senator Catryna Bilyck 

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has applauded Senator Catryna Bilyk for announcing a Senate Select Committee into low survival cancers, with a strong focus on brain cancer.

Brain cancer survival is unacceptably low and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has been calling for a mechanism within various levels of government to shine a spotlight on this disease for a number of years.

The facts are shockingly clear. "More children die from brain cancer than any other disease in Australia, it kills more people under 40 than any other cancer, and survival has barely improved over the last 35 years,” said Barrie Littlefield, Head of Engagement at Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

“This must now quickly change and the Select Committee provides an opportunity for the brain cancer community to highlight their concerns.

“For a number of years, Cure Brain Cancer has also been calling for increased focus and funding, and better access to treatments through more effective clinical trials, such as the revolutionary GBM AGILE clinical trial platform,” Mr Littlefield said. 

“Through our innovative research program we identify and support projects with high potential to quickly improve survival for brain cancer patients, funded almost exclusively through community donations. It’s time for government to play a greater part.

“We now have a major opportunity to change the status quo, and will work hard to help the brain cancer community have a strong voice in this inquiry.” 

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s mission is to improve five-year survival from the current 20 per cent to 50 per cent by 2023. 

People impacted by brain cancer who want to have their voice heard, are encouraged to contact Cure Brain Cancer Foundation at advocacy@curebraincancer.org.au.

Submissions to the inquiry are due by 31 March, with public hearings expected throughout 2017.

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