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Guinness World Records devoured to raise awareness for brain cancer


In front of a cheering crowd in Pitt Street Mall, Isaac consumed 30 dumping in just 120 seconds and stole the world record away from the previous holder in the USA, who managed to eat 18 dumplings in the same time period.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation organised the National Dumpling Eating Competition as part of its charity partnership with the City of Sydney for Chinese New Year Festival 2017. The competition was part of a series of events to raise vital brain cancer funding and awareness.

Speaking after his win, Guinness World Records title holder and speed eater Isaac, Harding said; “This is the first time I’ve been involved in a dumpling eating competition, but I have practiced with dumplings before. I was aiming for 22, so to get 30 – I’m pretty stoked.”

Sean Leong, Chief Executive Officer of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, also attempted the record attempt and managing to eat an impressive 14 dumplings to kick off proceedings.

Sean said “Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival is the biggest event of its type outside of Asia and it was incredible to see such a diverse community uniting to have fun, witness a world-record being broken, and support our mission to improve outcomes for people with brain cancer. 

“Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is truly honoured to partner with the City of Sydney, which has helped us to host a number of other fantastic events throughout Chinese New Year, that are of course a lot of fun but also vital in raising awareness and funding for our cause.” 

Several more Cure Brain Cancer events will be held throughout the City of Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival, including a free movie screening, a morning yoga session with yoga sensation Lola Berry and a lunchtime workout with the Waratahs.

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