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2017 Opportunities

Find out about available and upcoming funding opportunities, including project grants and fellowships.


Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is funding a new round of research grants designed to meaningfully and quickly improve survival outcomes for people with brain cancer.


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The new Innovation Grant and Early Career Fellowship Grant aim to attract brilliant minds from all areas of expertise into brain cancer research, helping the Foundation meet its mission to increase brain cancer survival from 20 per cent to 50 per cent by 2023.

Innovation Grant

Deadline passed 07 July 2017, 17.00 AEST


The Innovation Grant aims to fund new research projects that deviate from existing paradigms and current lines of investigation. The grant allows investigators to follow leading observations and exploration of novel ideas in brain cancer research. The grant supports investigators to produce proof-of-concept data for their higher-risk projects and establish feasibility for future research and grant applications.

Funding Details

The Innovation Grant-in-aid will offer up to $200,000 over two years.


Principal Investigators must:

Undertake research at an Australian research institution.

Use any awarded funds to work on novel* research applicable to primary brain cancer. 

Have read and agree to the terms and conditions of funding.  

*Truly new (testing new grounds) or which promise results that are significantly advancing science.

Early Career Fellowship

Deadline passed 18 August 2017, 17.00 AEST


Cure Brain Cancer’s Early Career Fellowships aim to support bright young researchers to develop their career in brain cancer research. Cure Brain Cancer believes that it is important to build capacity in innovative brain cancer research and development to achieve our mission of improving survival for people living with brain cancer. It is expected that Fellows undertake a significant piece of publishable work during their tenure that will lead to a more permanent position within the brain cancer research field.

Funding Details

The Cure Brain Cancer Early Career Fellowship will offer grants-in-aid of up to $115,000 per year for three years. Including up to $100,000 salary (depending on experience and academic level), and $15,000 for research costs, including up to $5,000 for travel and conferences per year.

If the applicant is successful with an NHMRC or Cancer Australia or other Fellowship then this must be disclosed to CBCF and the CBCF contribution will be revised down to an appropriate top-up level depending on individual circumstances.


Applicants must:

     Be eligible to work in Australia for the duration of the award.

     Undertake research at an Australian research institution.

     Have been awarded their PhD within the last six years prior to 30 June in the year of application (i.e. 2017). The start date should be taken from the date the PhD thesis was passed (not the date of degree conferral). Consideration will also be given to final year PhD students, whose PhD will be submitted by December 2017 and approved before Fellowship begins in early 2018. 

     Have a proven track record of research but not held an established academic appointment.

Have read and agree to the terms and conditions of funding.

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Innovation Grant Donors

Thank you to the following supporters for donating to our Innovation program:

Nanette Ainsworth, Geoff Alder, Mirko Angele, Jenny Bacani,  Balance Foundation, Tracey Berger, Jackie & Mikhel Borglund, Kieran Bresnahan, Rachel Brown, Andrew Bullock & Justine Isemonger,  CBA Constructions,  Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery, Steven Chapman, Mary Joan Cochrane, Joanna Collins, Alex Cullen,  CVA Constructions Pty Ltd, Paul Dainty, Sonya & Andrew Dayman, Louise de Bomford, Frank Dibley, Peter Dowling, Julian Doyle, Tony Doyle, Jo Drinnan, Benn Dullard,  Edt Electrical,  Emohrvo Financial Services, Yvonne Findley, Darren Freeman, Erik Garcia, Natalie Gimour-Jurd, Wayne Glaskin, John Greaves,  Hillross Macarthur, Geoff Hoskin, Cassandra Hunt, Anita Jacoby, Cheryl & Gary James,  Jaycar Electronics, Tommy Tae Johnston, Vijay Jootna, Larry Kestelman, Wendy Lapointe, Bob Laurie, Scott Lavatt, Joshua Lee, Andrew Lennox, John Levin, Michael Lim, Stuart Macdermid, Michael Madigan, Kate Martin, Lucas McEntee, Lucy McGrath, Andrew Mial, Janine Mladin, Fiona Nation, Kristian Nelson-Marshall, William O'Dwyer, Frank Pace, Cath Pasfield,  Payless Tyress, Louise & Mitchell Pether,  Pharmacy Guild NSW, Wal Pisciotta, M Potts, Ann Ramsay Arkins, Joe Redechi, Veronic & Brian Rix, William Robinson, Steven Simpson, Geoff Sparke, Sinead Strawbridge, Luca Tarchi, Jenny Tuntevski, Evenlyn Turco, B A Wilson, Michael Wipfly.

Early Career Fellowship Donors

Thank you to the following supporters for donating to our Early Career Fellowship program:

Anthony Abussi, Nicholas Abussi, Peter Achelles, Stephen Ainsworth, J Anderson, Paul Anderson, Louise Antico, Sally Bell, Beverley Bermeister, Catryna Bilyk, Sue Bishop, Marcus & Caroline Blackmore, Mikael Borglund, Bill Bovingdon, David Bush, Peter Butler, Tracey Cahill, Bill Calcraft, Anita Champion, Khang Chem & Claire Leska, Paul Chiodo, Claire Clayton, Frank & Marisa Colli, Joanna Collins, Ed Cooper, Brian Dean, David & Delora Devonshire, Emily Dowd, Joanne Drinnan, Benn Dullard, Jenny Dyer, Matthew Dyer www.bookwell.com.au, Luke Everingham, Ros Facey, Ivetic Family, David Fenlon, Rebecca Fleming, Andrew Freelander, Darren Freemen, Jack Gance, Jenny & John Gigacz, William Gordon, Kiinda Grange, Ruth Grant, Bennett Griffiths, Rowena Hamilton, Jessica Hansson, Kaye Hansson, Robert Harrison, David Heaney, John Heike, Y A Henry, Ryan Heyes, Paul Hillbrick, Nigel Hokin, Guyon Holland,  Imperial Portfolio Pty Ltd, Bluemouth Interactive, Colin Jackson, Anita Jacoby, Jane Jaggs, Jill Kelly, Wendy Lapointe,  Libra Scale Service, S N Macdermid, Lynne Marchesani, Toni Martin, Nasser Mashni, Matthew McFarland, Carmel McGregor Consulting, Karl Mentzer, Andrew Miall, B J Miall, Sandra Miller, Janine Mladin, Darren Munro, Scott Nowell, Peter Osborne, Francis Pace, Cath Pasfield, Anthony Pearson, Julie Pollard & Linda Yu, Franklin Printing, Richard Quin, Richard Salamon, Charles Saliba, Mark Scarce, Steven Simpson, Debra Singh, Elliot & Krish Smale, Yvone Spothis,  Step Up Renovation Pty Ltd, Peter Strasser, Gregory Symons, Jodie Tatterson, Peta Taylor, Genevieve Teo, David Thodey, Taryn Tobin, Maria Tod, Craig Truscott, Alysha Waye, Cheryl & Chris Waye, Natalie Wheaton.