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Grants & applications

Use this section to find out about our approach to funding research, the grants and applications process and to complete an application. Please note our current funding round closed on 8 August 2014 at 5pm

Our approach

Proactive research strategy

 Cure Brain Cancer is dedicated to accelerating treatments to patients. We fund priority-driven research through a combination of competitive research grants and proactive identification of promising research. We will identify and fund high-potential projects and critical knowledge gaps that do not fit into traditional funding mechanisms. We will support researchers from successful application to implementation, and enable translation of basic scientific findings into therapeutic interventions for patients.

For more information, see our national research strategy here


Accelerating treatments to patients

Through the Cure Brain Cancer application process we aim to provide funding for the projects with the greatest potential for patients. These projects will have clear next steps if the research is successful. In addition to support offered in this year we also intend to promote and secure funding for highly promising projects that we are unable to fund at this current point in time. Our team of fundraisers will actively market these projects to our donors and Sponsors who are engaged in the area of brain cancer and would like to add value to a project that has been through our scientific review.

Supporting researchers

We are greatly increasing our donor base and actively deepening community engagement with the sole purpose of increasing funding for promising brain cancer research. Our intention is to deliver impact for patients by supporting researchers.

If you believe you have an idea that would make a difference and doesn’t fit into our current process please feel free to raise it with us. 

Types of grants

There are four categories of grants available currently; innovation grants, collaboration grants and clinical research grants. Read the descriptions below to help you define the category for your application. 

Innovation Grant 

The Innovation Grant aims to fund new research projects that deviate from existing paradigms and current lines of investigation. The grant allows investigators to follow leading observations and exploration of novel ideas in brain cancer research. The grant supports investigators to produce proof-of-concept data for their higher-risk projects and establish feasibility for future research and grant applications.

Applications must meet the aims set out for the Innovation Grant as well as the criteria set out in section 2 of ‘Information for applicants and conditions of funding'.

Up to $200,000 over 2 years. 

Collaboration Grant 

The Collaboration Grant aims to provide funding to Australian researchers to participate in collaborative research projects with international researchers. This grant also encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, between brain cancer research groups and other specialities, for example oncology, immunotherapy, nanotechnology, genomics and bioinformatics

Applications must meet the aims set out for the Collaboration Grant as well as the criteria set out in section 2 of ‘Information for applicants and conditions of funding'.

Up to $200,000 over 2 years. 

Clinical Research Grant 

The Clinical Research Grant aims to provide funding for a clinical trial which has the objective of increasing overall patient survival.

Applications must meet the aims set out for the Clinical Research Grant as well as the criteria set out in section 2 of ‘Information for applicants and conditions of funding'.

Up to $500,000.

Tony Lucas Research Grant 

The Tony Lucas Research Grant sits within the framework of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF) to fund research into brain cancer. Tony’s daughter Bec Lucas founded the initiative when she was 19 after her father passed in 2011, in hope of continuing his passion and commitment for accelerating brain cancer research the Tony Lucas Research Grant will be awarded to a project with aims that align with Tony’s vision.

Projects may include:

  • Research investigating brain tumour progression
  • Underlying causes of brain tumours, for example environmental or genetic causes

The project must include a translational component.


Applications must meet the aims set out for the Tony Lucas Research Grant as well as the criteria set out in section 2 of ‘Information for applicants and conditions of funding'.

$200,000 for 2 years 

Conflict of Interest Policy (Based on NHMRC guidelines) 

We are committed to fair review of all grant applications ensuring any Conflicts of Interest are dealt with consistently, transparently and with rigour. The essence of a quality peer review process demands all participants act in good faith, in an open and sensible manner.

We have a clear policy in place for Conflict of Interest situations that may arise in the course of its various activities and these guidelines will assist in the interpretation and implementation of that policy. We acknowledge that there are many forms of Conflict of Interest.

It is an important fundamental of the peer review process that people within the field have access to other grant applications. This is a privilege not to be abused and reviewers must act in accord with these guidelines and accepted international practices in peer review.

Listed below are the principal areas where conflicts may arise:

    • direct involvement in the application as Chief Investigator or Associate Investigator;
    • direct or potential involvement due to a personal financial interest in the outcome of the granting process; 
    • potential involvement as a scientific, or departmental/institutional colleague;
    • perceived involvement due to a family/personal relationship, either currently or during the past five years;
    • if at any time there has been a verbal or written dispute between an applicant and the individual acting for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation; and/or
    • any other perceived conflicts.

Contact for enquiries 

Sofia Casbolt

Grant Administration Office


Download a pdf copy of these instructions here.