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Cure Brain Cancer commits additional $2.2m to new research

Cure Brain Cancer funds $2.2 million research projects


2014 has been an exciting year for our research team at Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. We launched a new, online grant round application process and we are thrilled to be able to announce funding for nine new, innovative projects


We are excited to be committing an additional $2.2million to these projects, which we believe have the potential to make a big impact on accelerating new treatments to brain cancer patients. 


We received 39 applications from researchers and institutions across Australia and the quality was very high. The applications were assessed by our Scientific Advisory Committee, which is comprised of world-class committee members, from Australia and around the world.  


The grants have been awarded to researchers around Australia and the Scientific Advisory Committee were very excited to see the high level of leading-edge research taking place among Australian researchers. Read more about the research we are funding here.



“There is now for the first time real hope of extending life of the patients with new therapeutic approaches. Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is taking the lead in supporting these new therapies, and this is wonderful news for patients.”

- Professor Inder Verma, Scientific Advisory Committee & Salk Institute 



The grants were available in four categories, aligned to our Research Strategy, which is underpinned by the key pillars of collaboration, clinical research and innovative research in high-impact areas such as immunotherapy and precision medicine.  

Innovation Grant  


The Innovation Grant aims to fund new research projects that deviate from existing paradigms and current lines of investigation. The grant allows investigators to follow leading observations and exploration of novel ideas in brain cancer research. The grant supports investigators to produce proof-of-concept data for their higher-risk projects and establish feasibility for future research and grant applications. 


Collaboration Grant  


The Collaboration Grant aims to provide funding to Australian researchers to participate in collaborative research projects with international researchers. This grant also encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, between brain cancer research groups and other specialities, for example oncology, immunotherapy, nanotechnology, genomics and bioinformatics. 


Clinical Research Grant  


The Clinical Research Grant aims to provide funding for a clinical trial which has the objective of increasing overall patient survival. 


Tony Lucas Research Grant  


The Tony Lucas Research Grant sits within the framework of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to fund research into brain cancer. Tony’s daughter Bec Lucas founded the initiative when she was 19 after her father died in 2011, in hope of continuing his passion and commitment for accelerating brain cancer research the Tony Lucas Research Grant will be awarded to a project with aims that align with Tony’s vision. Projects may include:


  • Research investigating brain tumour progression
  • Underlying causes of brain tumours, for example environmental or genetic causes
  • The project must include a translational component.

Cure Brain Cancer’s Head of Research Strategy, Michelle Stewart, says:


“There is a real sense of momentum in the brain cancer research community and we have seen first-hand through this process the level of ingenuity being applied to solving this complex problem by Australian researchers. There is no doubt that Australia is punching above its weight when it comes to brain cancer research and we are very excited to be able to fund these new projects, which hold great promise for the future."



Cure Brain Cancer Foundation CEO, Catherine Stace, says: 


“This is an exciting moment for Cure Brain Cancer as we take bold strides to achieve our mission to increase five-year survival to 50% within 10 years. This announcement demonstrates the weight of our strategic approach to achieve this and deliver outcomes for patients. We are all very excited to be funding world-class science and working with the research community, donors and patients to drive forward the Australian brain cancer research agenda.” 



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