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Ricky and Elisa's Big things for Brain Cancer

Ricky Anderson's #bigthingsforbraincancer

My amazing, beautiful wife Elisa bravely fought cancer as a 9 year old child only to tragically be struck down again 20 years later.

Her determination and outlook on life regardless of what it threw at her was nothing short of incredible! 

Elisa is and always will be an inspiration to everyone who ever met her or for those that may hear her story.

Despite everything she filled her life with colour and fun and refused to give in, over and over again she defied every prognosis, the first being 3 months......Elisa almost reached 3 years!

Her wish whilst still alive and after her passing was for no one to have to go through what she had to endure. Her selflessness was always so apparent, putting everyone before herself.

As well as trialling drugs to help with data statistics Elisa also helped create #BIGTHINGSFORBRAINCANCER to raise both awareness and funding in the hope of finding a cure! Elisa strongly believed this was her purpose in life. We on the other hand all believe her purpose was to inspire others to enjoy life and it's simple things no matter what.

I Love you! I Miss you! I carry you in my heart XXX

Ricky Anderson

Ricky and Elisa created the #bigthingsforbraincancer campaign, visiting big things to raise awareness and funds for research. Upload your photos of #bigthingsforbraincancer and tag Cure Brain Cancer to support the campaign!

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