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Cure Brain Cancer #1 for NFP innovation

Giveeasy Innovation Index

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has been ranked as the most innovative not-for-profit in Australia by the GiveEasy Innovation Index 2016.

Cure Brain Cancer has been leading the way in innovation with its disruptive approach, looking at the whole system of medical research and finding clever ways to rework what we're got to make it work better for patients. 

We demonstrate innovation across our organisation, from our research strategy - doing things differently to find smarter solutions, to our fundraising and revenue streams, to the research we fund - including the innovative clinical trial platform GBM AGILE, which we helped initiate and were the first NFP in the world to fund. New treatments for brain cancer will come from innovations like this.

"Innovation is in Cure Brain Cancer’s DNA." 

Cure Brain Cancer CEO Catherine Stace said:

“We are all thrilled to have topped the list in the GiveEasy Innovation Index 2016. Innovation is in Cure Brain Cancer’s DNA. For us, it’s not about having a separate innovation strategy which exists in a silo, or mandating innovation from the top down. It’s about seeding innovation into your strategy and everything you do from the ground up; in ideas, systems, processes and culture. That’s how you achieve sustainable innovation - innovation that works.”  


Download the Innovation Index 2016 here and have a look at the infographic here.  

Another good example of innovation is our Brilliant Minds communications program for researchers and people interested in medical science and technology. 

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