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Cure Brain Cancer Foundation announce $1 million in Innovation Grants

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation CEO, Michelle Stewart, discusses the Innovation Grants

The new funding will be devoted to Innovation Grants for high-calibre researchers in their potentially lifesaving research projects.


The funding announcement follows expert assessment of the applications, many from outside the field of brain cancer research, over the last three months.


Michelle Stewart, CEO at Cure Brain Cancer Foundation said, “We hope to attract brilliant minds with potentially game-changing research projects.


“Currently it is difficult to find financial support to explore new, ambitious brain cancer research ideas. New paradigms may lead to improved treatments and significant increases in survival but they often fall outside the rigid boundaries of traditional funding models.


“We hope these Innovation Grants will address this gap by funding higher risk, big ideas that allow researchers to explore new projects that could improve brain cancer survival, which has barely improved in more than 30 years,” added Ms Stewart.


Cure Brain Cancer Foundation CEO, Michelle Stewart


Successful applicants, who will be selected by Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s international Scientific Advisory Committee and announced in October 2017, will receive up to $200,000 per project, over two years. This will greatly increase capacity in brain cancer research and bring brilliant minds from all areas of expertise into the field, helping the Foundation meet its mission to increase brain cancer survival from 20 per cent to 50 per cent by 2023. 


The Innovation Grants form part of a portfolio of research grants Cure Brain Cancer Foundation will announce over the coming year and is part of a raft of research initiatives designed to quickly improve brain cancer survival.


The Foundation has invested more than $11.8 million in research over the past five years for innovative projects, including innovative trial designs like GBM AGILE, and infrastructure support to encourage greater collaboration between researchers, such as the Brain Cancer Discovery Collaborative. 


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