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How Brittany is helping others with brain cancer

Last July, 22-year-old Brittany Dickson was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since then, Brittany has confronted the disease head on, using her social media profile to raise awareness of the disease, and has so far raise more than $5000 for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation's research, advocacy and awareness work.

Now, Brittany talks about why she fundraises for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and encourages others to join her in her quest to beat the disease.


Brittany was diagnosed following a seizure on her way home from work. 

Surgery to remove her tumour went well, but unfortunately the pathology results revealed the presence of Grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma cells, which are generally quite aggressive and have a tendency to recur.

She has undergone radiotherapy and has recently commenced a year of chemotherapy, which she is tolerating really well.

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