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Michelle's reason to Run Melbourne


Adam Bingham’s ongoing treatment for brain cancer is a driving force behind his wife Michelle’s commitment to run this year’s Run Melbourne, where Michelle aims to raise $1,500 for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Adam and Michelle received the perfect Christmas present following the birth of their son at the end of 2016. While on paternity leave, Adam began to experience slight headaches, with this pain growing increasingly unbearable over time.

“One morning, my husband was just screaming the entire house down with pain, and hadn’t slept. So, I said, ‘That’s enough, I’m taking you to the hospital’” Michelle recalled. 

A precautionary CT scan followed, returning the shock diagnosis of a tumour in Adam’s cerebellum, which is near the brainstem. The brainstem is an extremely challenging area of the brain to access surgically, due to its central location. This meant surgeons were only able to remove 70 per cent of the tumour, leading it to return within the same location. Adam has since undergone three more brain operations, along with radiation therapy and chemotherapy to help combat the disease.

Prior to this diagnosis, neither Adam or Michelle had any idea of the poor survival outcomes associated with brain cancer, which kills more Australians under 40 than any other disease.

“It’s still something we know so little about. Brain cancer hasn’t made the advances that other cancer research has done” Michelle said. 

Michelle had originally set a personal fundraising target of $500 for the event. However, the terrific support of her family and friends has seen her raise close to $1,200 for vital brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness so far.

“I only really started putting it through my social media and friends network over the past two weeks, in which I’ve surpassed over $1,000” Michelle said.

Donations are still open to Michelle’s personal fundraising page

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