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A tribute to Gus Larkin



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“Intro Piano Music”

[Visual Text] {Logo animation}: Cure Brain Cancer | FOUNDATION | Many Minds, one purpose

“Ambient piano music continues, fading as interview speech is overlaid…”

[Gus Larkin]: “Funny book titles.”

[Interviewer] to Mother: “Ask what they’re called.”

[Gus Larkin]: “Huh?”

[Mother]: “Funny book titles”

[Interviewer]: Stuttering - “Funny, funny”

[Gus Larkin]: “Like, there are a few like ‘How I Fell Out the Window” by “Eileen Dover’”

[Visual Text]: GUS LARKIN | age 15

[Interviewer]: Gasp of laughter

[Gus Larkin]: “Or ‘What you wear on your feet’ by ‘Sus’an’Socks’.

‘Why I killed my Grandma’ by ‘Ben E. Fishery’”.

“Chorus of laughter”

[Voice off]: “It took me a minute!”

[Gus Larkin]: “My brother is seven, my sister is 12. Ah, he’s cute. He’s a little go-getter. Ahh, girly-girl, she loves playing and all this stuff…

This is me when I was little {holding photograph} and my Dad, when he lost his two front teeth in a game of cricket. It’s pretty funny. It makes me think of him and all the good times we had, and, yeah.

[Visual Text]: Gus’s father Gavin Larkin, founder of RU OK? Day, died in 2011

[Gus Larkin]:  I’m the man of the house now. Dad’s, unfortunately left us.”

[Interviewer]: “What about your mum?”

[Gus Larkin]: “Amazing. She would do anything for anyone. She’s, just, amazing. That’s the only word to describe her.”

[Visual Text]: Gus Larkin, 15 years old | Died 24 October 2013

{Logo animation} Cure Brain Cancer | FOUNDATION | Many Minds, one purpose | www.curebraincancer.org.au

“Outro piano music - fades”