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Volvo Cars Australia's historic brain cancer milestone

 2018 marks the seven year anniversary of a partnership between Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Volvo Cars Australia. As the major partner of the Foundation, Volvo’s contribution of $50 from the sale of every vehicle in Australia has resulted in a 2018 milestone of $1.5 million in funding for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s mission to find a cure for brain cancer. 

The partnership is based on the pioneering and innovative values of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Volvo. Both organisations are continually innovating, researching, and utilising the latest technologies to save lives. 

Jason Wang, Brand Manager of Volvo Cars Sydney & Rushcutters Bay said of the milestone, “We are proud that Volvo Cars Australia has supported Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s drive to find a cure for seven years, and now with over $1.5 million in donations. Saving the lives of ordinary Australians with innovative technological solutions is central to both of our brands, and we are hopeful that our continuing relationship will Cure Brain Cancer Foundation find a breakthrough for this disease which affects too many young people in this country.”

Volvo has invented some of the most important innovations in the history of car safety – including the three-point safety belt – saving over a million lives in the process, while Cure Brain Cancer Foundation are funding ground-breaking new technologies to speed up the research process and provide treatments to Australian adults and children.

And the synergy does not stop at the technological level. Volvo’s design principles for its’ heralded new XC40 is Avant Garde, the theme for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Sydney gala ball.

Help strengthen Australian brain cancer research