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Afghanistan veteran takes battle to brain cancer

Matt Williams is taking on the Tyre Flip Challenge on 27 October

Shortly after returning to South Australia from active duty in Afghanistan, 22-year-old Matt Williams began to endure persistent headaches. He had returned home to celebrate his birthday but was unaware that the biggest challenge of his life was about to begin.

In April 2018, Matt finally discovered the cause of those headaches. They were being caused by stage 2 oligodendroglioma, a type of brain cancer that left Matt with an uncertain prognosis. However, Matt has approached his diagnosis with his typically combative attitude, allowing his friends, family and the public an intimate look at his brain cancer journey via his hugely honest and moving social media accounts.

Simply sharing his story on social media wasn’t enough for Matt. Since his diagnosis, he’s set about raising significant awareness and funds to help find a cure for this brutal disease. A large focus of his life post-diagnosis has been the challenge of staying fit during his treatment, which eventually led to the idea for an incredible fundraiser at the end of October 2018. 

On 27 October, Matt will take part in the inaugural Tyre Flip Challenge, an event in support of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation which begins at Largs Bay Jetty in Adelaide. He'll flip an 80kg tyre for 2km, an incredible physical challenge for anyone, let alone someone undergoing brain cancer treatment! Since announcing this challenge, Matt has raised more than $20,000, largely thanks to his impressive network and social media following. This is an incredible achievement, but as it turns out, it’s just the start! 

Thanks to that network, word about the Tyre Flip Challenge has spread well beyond Adelaide. On the same day as Matt’s event in Adelaide, other veterans and people impacted by brain cancer across the country will be hosting their own Tyre-Flip Challenges. 

Already, supporters in Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Melbourne have committed to hosting their own events, and more are still to be locked in. Each of these events will be adding to the already impressive pool of funds that Matt has already raised. 

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