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Investigation into epigenetic defects and new therapeutic strategy in ATRX mutated gliomas

Associate Professor Lee Wong’s team at Monash University's Biomedicine Discovery Institute will study changes in gene expression (epigenetics) that can lead to gliomas – the most common form of brain cancer. They will look at how mutations in epigenetic regulators (ATRX, H3.3 and IDH1) lead to abnormal gene expression and genome instability, which fuel the development of these tumours. It’s hoped this research will shed new light on how gliomas form, leading to improved diagnosis and treatments.

A/Prof Wong is one of the recipients of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Innovation Grant, receiving funding of $200,000 over two years to fund this novel project that deviates from traditional research paradigms.  

“I want to thank Cure Brain Cancer Foundation for funding this research project,” A/Prof Wong said. “With their support, my team aims to investigate the precise mechanisms disrupted in the cancer cells. Our ultimate aim is to assist drug development and treatment options by providing knowledge about the fundamental processes leading to the development of brain cancers," she said.

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