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DIPG Collaborative Funding boost for vital childhood brain cancer research

Australian DIPG Collaborative members, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, The Cure Starts Now (Australia) and the Isabella & Marcus Foundation have presented a cheque for AUD$246,604 to Dr. Maria Tsoli at the Children’s Cancer Institute at the University of New South Wales on behalf of the twenty-seven global DIPG Collaborative members.

This grant will provide a considerable boost for Dr. Tsoli’s ongoing work in researching new treatments for DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), a deadly form of brain cancer for which no effective treatment is available.

Fittingly, the grant was presented by Barrie Littlefield, of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, and Ren Pedersen, of The Cure Starts Now, both of whom lost their daughters at a young age to brain cancer.

The grim statistics surrounding childhood brain cancer (and DIPG in particular) in Australia has acted as a driving force throughout Dr. Tsoli’s seven years at the Children’s Cancer Institute. In that time, Dr. Tsoli has worked alongside Associate Professor David Ziegler in developing new treatments strategies for DIPG.

This grant will allow Dr. Tsoli to investigate polyamine pathway metabolism as a novel therapeutic option for diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomaPositive results will provide the preclinical evidence required to urgently translate these novel discoveries to clinical trial to directly benefit children with DIPG and other aggressive brain tumours.

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