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#FundraiseFriday: Spotlight on Kashaya Kuemmel

After suffering severe vertigo, headaches, nausea, vomiting and fatigue most days, 28-year-old Kashaya visited her doctor, who put her ongoing issues down to stress and a poor work-life balance.

It was the moment she forgot how to drive her car that Kashaya knew her problems were worse than first thought.

“When I forgot how to drive a car, and that just happened a few minutes after becoming quite disorientated, I had that moment of panic that I never thought I’d experience at my age, in forgetting how to do a basic task”.

Not long after, Kashaya underwent an MRI scan, which revealed the truth. Kashaya had a rare brain tumour. “It’s possible to have a poor work-life balance and a brain tumour at the same time”, Kashaya said following her diagnosis.

Kashaya is set to commence her own treatment in the coming weeks, so she decided to turn her attention to raising funds and awareness for the cause.

Shortly after her diagnosis, Kashaya set up a Facebook fundraiser, openly and honestly sharing her story with her friends and family and encouraging them to donate and share her story.  

The outpouring of support from her loved ones, as well as the brain cancer community, has been overwhelming. They have rallied around Kashaya, helping her raise more than $10,000 via Facebook’s new tool in just 11 days. This has prompted her to increase her target to $15,000, a figure she would never have dreamt of reaching without Facebook fundraising. 

Thank you, Kashaya!  

Fundraise for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation on Facebook.

Help Kashaya reach her $15,000 target