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Why our Trek4BrainCancer team are motivated to find a cure

Members of our previous Trek4BrainCancer Larapinta expedition.

After months of raising much-needed funds and awareness of brain cancer, our 17-strong Trek4BrainCancer contingent will descend on Alice Springs this Sunday to commence their 223km trek along the iconic Larapinta Trail.

There has been a groundswell of support for all members of our Trek4BrainCancer team, who have collectively raised a staggering $96,000 so far to help find a cure for brain cancer. 

Motivation is the key to completing this once-in-a-lifetime trek. Find out why those taking part are pushing themselves to the limit to do their bit in the fight against this insidious disease.   

Tracey Lees:
“In November 2015 we lost the most wonderful husband, father, son, brother and friend to glioblastoma. Three years on and the outlook for brain cancer sufferers is no brighter. In Australia, brain cancer kills more children than any other disease and more adults under 40 than any other cancer. There is no cure, and the survival rate is very low. This has got to change.”

Brenda Orchard:
“Brain Cancer affects more than 1600 people annually in Australia, with cancer so devastating to not only those affected but also their family and friends, I will be undertaking the five-day Trek4BrainCancer to raise much needed funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. The funds raised will go towards the development of new treatments that hope to extend the life expectancy of those affected.”

Harriette & Sarah Boydell:
“We have teamed up to represent our family and help change the outlook for people diagnosed with this cruel disease, by raising awareness and vital funds for brain cancer research. Together with our team we will trek over 100km of the Larapinta trail from Alice Springs, in honour of our mum Mary who was diagnosed with GBM Multiforme in October 2017 and passed away in January 2019. We can’t wait to experience the magic of this sacred country which always held Mum's awe and respect.”

Angelo Antignani:
“My motivation to raise much-needed funds for brain cancer research comes from my good mate Brad’s personal cancer story. Brain cancer is a much-neglected area of medicine that affects the young, to the not so young, throughout our community.”

Tandi Rapke & Marissa Sandler:
“Brain cancer is a horrible disease, and the hope for a cure lies in ongoing research for new treatments. The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is at the forefront of this research. As a brain cancer survivor, this charity sits very close to my heart. I’m beyond blessed to be in both a mental and physical state to undergo this challenge for myself and others that need ongoing treatment.” 

Karen Osborne:
“Glioblastoma took my mum 20 years ago, and three friends last year. The trek will be a challenge, but a little discomfort for me is nothing compared to what they went through.”

Elizabeth Chapman:
“I am embarking on yet another trek. This time keeping it on home soil and raising funds for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. I am looking forward to taking on the terrain of the Australian Outback by foot.” 

Our Trek4BrainCancer team will be immersed in the beauty of the Australian Outback.

Janzell Bartlett:
“I'm challenging myself for the Larapinta Trek4BrainCancer to help raise awareness and much needed funds. I lost my mum to this horrible disease seven years ago.” 

Nicole Anderson:
“This cause is close to my heart after my company Bell Legal Group lost a dearly loved member of staff to this terrible disease last year. Reading the statistics of how many Australians are affected each year including children and the low cure rates has moved me to positive action.”

Catherine Cleary & Julie Phipps:
“We are walking for Cathy, and for the 1,700 people diagnosed with brain cancer each year in Australia, and for their family and friends, so that new treatments can be developed, so lives can be lived!”

Trevor & Melista King:
Celebrating 20 years since our family was affected by this disease and bringing awareness as to how it has affected our lives and so many others.”

Donald Hobson:
"I want to support this critical cause."

So far, our Trek4BrainCancer contingent have raised more than $96,000 out of their overall $100,000 target, which will help fund vital brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness. 

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