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Associate Professor Kerrie McDonald begins tenure as CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Associate Professor Kerrie McDonald announced as CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am thrilled to announce that Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has appointed renowned scientist and brain cancer researcher Associate Professor Kerrie McDonald as the Foundation’s new Chief Executive Officer.

A/Prof McDonald is one of Australia’s leading brain cancer researchers, who has worked as Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Head of Biomarkers and Translational Research at University of New South Wales for the last nine years.

A/Prof McDonald has dedicated most of her working life to finding better treatment options for people impacted by brain cancer. The innovative work in her laboratory has focused on two major brain cancer challenges; (1) tumour heterogenity, which often leads to treatment failure, and (2) developing personalised medicine approaches for brain cancer patients. 

Thanks to generous donors, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has proudly invested more than $5 million into A/Prof McDonald’s ground-breaking work, which will continue under the stewardship of Dr Robert Rapkins. This research has directly led to four current brain cancer clinical trials in Australia and widespread collaboration between institutes and laboratories both nationally and globally.

In 2018, A/Prof McDonald was the recipient of a $1.4 million research grant administered by the Medical Research Future Fund’s Rare Cancers, Rare Diseases and Unmet Needs Clinical Trials Program and was the keynote speaker at the prestigious Andrew Olle Media Lecture – a testament to the calibre of her vision, leadership and strategic thinking.

A/Prof McDonald brings with her a wealth of experience, passion, and unrivalled knowledge of brain cancer research. Her tenure will be shaped by a desire to rapidly find new treatments for brain cancer and bring them to Australians impacted by the disease as quickly as possible. 

The appointment of A/Prof Kerrie McDonald as CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is a huge win for the Foundation and the brain cancer community more broadly. On behalf of The Board of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, I wish A/Prof McDonald every success in the role and we look forward to working closely with her as we build on the incredible momentum of recent years and move ever closer to a cure.

Reflecting on her appointment, Associate Professor Kerrie McDonald added:

“To me, this position is an honour and privilege. It truly is an honour to work for an organisation that has been pivotal in changing the research landscape in Australia and transforming brain cancer from a forgotten cancer to a national research priority. It is also a privilege to be able to serve the brain cancer community. I have shared their journeys, and sadly, I have grieved for so many. For each and every person impacted by brain cancer, I promise to continue their legacy and fight for a cure.”

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