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Dustin Perry announced as Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Head of Government Engagement

 Dustin Perry on The Project

Dustin has worked tirelessly to change survival outcomes for people with brain cancer since his young daughter Chloe was diagnosed with the disease in 2013. Since her tragic death in 2017 he has continued to work with the Foundation to ensure a fairer share of focus and funding for brain cancer and those living with the disease.

As a dedicated ambassador, Dustin has worked closely with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, playing a key role in the formation of the Australian Brain Cancer Mission – a $124.65 million, 10-year-plan to double brain cancer survival and improve patients’ quality of life.

 Dustin Perry at the launch of the Australian Brain Cancer Mission

Dustin currently sits on the Strategic Advisory Board for the Australian Brain Cancer Mission at Cancer Australia.

Most recently, Dustin was the driving force behind a collaboration between various philanthropic organisations and the Federal Government to secure an additional $10 million for clinical trials under the Australian Brain Cancer Mission.

At a recent Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting Dustin also managed to get bipartisan support from every state and territory health minister to pass a motion backing the Australian Brain Cancer Mission, securing further funding for the program.

"We need to work with other stakeholders, such as governments, to ensure brain cancer remains a health priority,” says Dustin. “We’ve made great progress, but we need to work harder than ever to ensure we build on that momentum to rapidly improve survival and quality of life. We will continue to drive a coordinated strategy between all Australian governments, and our partners around the world, so we can deliver the best possible outcomes."

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation CEO, A/Prof Kerrie McDonald says, “Dustin’s experience and influence make him one of Australia’s most effective brain cancer advocates. As the Foundation’s Head of Government Engagement, he can now devote 100 per cent of his energy to the cause, getting a better deal for brain cancer patients and ensuring promising clinical trials receive the government funding they so desperately need.”

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