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Lab update from Dr Bryan Day

Dr Bryan Day and his team have led the way in generation and characterisation of primary GBM models, used by many brain cancer researchers around Australia.

Brain cancer models are used to facilitate and fast-track discoveries in the lab and are essential for a discovery to progress from the lab to patients, into a clinical trial.

About the project

By Dr Bryan Day

Outcomes for brain cancer sufferers have not improved in a meaningful way for several decades. This lack of progress is unacceptable, better therapies are urgently needed. Breakthrough discoveries will only come from increased research and better more faithful models for researchers to work with. Accurate models to better understand brain cancer have been historically lacking.

This has significantly limited prior progress. To this end, we developed, over a number of years, a panel of primary brain cancer models for laboratory use. To date, these models have been incredibly successful and have been used in numerous studies and featured in more than 40 publications, helping to better understand brain cancer and assess novel therapies. It is absolutely critical to have the right research tools if we are to make significant impacts in the survival and quality of life of brain cancer patients.

Funding for research within Australia has never been more scarce. This means that funding support for infrastructure projects, such as this, are very very difficult to obtain.

Funding support from Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, has enabled me to build an internationally recognised brain cancer resource, greatly expand the scope of our research program and to work collaboratively on innovative projects across Australia and around the world. These collaborative networks are essential to better work as a team and bring positive findings from basic research laboratories to clinical trial.

Thank you.

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