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The John Trivett Foundation 

The John Trivett Foundation joined with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in July 2014 to become Cure Brain Cancer Queensland. Read more here about the joining of these two foundations and FAQs and read more below about the history and team, the research projects and events they have brought to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and community. 


The John Trivett Foundation for Research into the Causes of Primary Brain Tumours was established in 1998. The Foundation achieved early success with support from The Princess Alexandra Centres for Health Research and later a collaboration with the Institute of Molecular Bioscience (IMB) and The University of Queensland. In 2002, the position of Trivett Fellow was created under the direction of Professor Brandon Wainwright. Considerable headway was made in the areas of genetic fingerprinting of Glioblastoma, and the role of Patched in development and Medulloblastoma, as well as in neuronal stem cells and the isolation of Medulloblastoma stem cells. Since then, the work of the John Trivett Foundation contributed to Queensland’s excellent pedigree in brain cancer research and has generated various projects which Cure Brain Cancer has committed to funding.

John Trivett 1939 - 1997

The Foundation was established by Beverley Trivett to commemorate and continue the philanthropy of her husband, the late John Trivett. John Trivett died from Glioblastoma Multiforme in Brisbane in 1997. He was a great philanthropist, and a successful and indefatigable businessman committed to supporting communities that were loyal to those businesses.


Beverley Trivett

Beverley established The John Trivett Foundation in 1998. She has stewarded the Foundation successfully for many years and was instrumental in the joining with Cure Brain Cancer in 2014. Beverley remains very involved as an active ambassador and benefactor of Cure Brain Cancer. Read her message about the joining of the two foundations here.  


Professor Brandon Wainwright  

Professor Wainwright is a leader in the field of brain cancer research, and is very well respected globally for his contribution to genomics (he was involved early on in The Cancer Genome Project) and other areas of research. He is currently the Director of The Institute of Molecular Biosciences and heads the laboratory for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation  - read more.              


Dr Sarah Olson 

Dr Olson is a specialist neurosurgeon at Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane, with interests in, amongst other things, minimally invasive brain surgery and brain mapping. She is a highly respected figure in the brain cancer field in Queensland and Australia, and was nominated for the Pride of Australia Care and Compassion Medal in August 2014 - read more.              

Research Projects

There are various projects in planning or underway that will be funded (now by Cure Brain Cancer Foundation). These include:

  • Tumour Banking in Queensland - establishing and running a consolidated brain tumour bank for the state of Queensland to facilitate brain cancer research; tumour banking is a critical component of the research process - read more.
  • Ongoing Genomics Research - Cure Brain Cancer is currently supporting a variety of brain cancer research projects at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland - read more. 


Historically, The John Trivett Foundation ran or took part in various events in Queensland to fundraise for brain cancer research. One of the main events is Bridge to Brisbane took place on 7th September 2014 this year. Click here to read about this event that raised more than $107,000! Cure Brain Cancer will continue to manage and participate in these and other events across Queensland - for a full list of events in Queensland go to our events page.


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