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Tumour Banking, Queensland

Dr Sarah Olson

Research Idea


Establish and run a consolidated brain tumour bank for the state of Queensland to facilitate brain cancer research.




Research is the only road to a cure for brain cancer. To do brain cancer research, tumour samples are essential. Without a tumour banking process in place, valuable tumour tissue is lost when removed during surgery. Without tumour tissue, it is not possible to do genetic testing or grow tumour cell lines for testing new therapies.




The new brain tumour bank at Wesley Hospital Queensland is a new consolidated resource for Queensland researchers including those at the hospital and other research institutions. A centralised bio-bank reduces the cost of administration and provides a standardised process and comprehensive system for researchers to access tissue and accompanying patient clinical data. A tumour bank also gives patients the opportunity to contribute to research in a very meaningful way.


Why Now? 


For the first time, the health department and all of the neurosurgeons in Queensland are on board, supported and have facilitated the establishment of a unified brain tumour bank. A centralised location has been set up as a depository for tissue removed during surgery from all of the neurosurgeries in Queensland.




The next step would be to link the Queensland brain tumour bank with the other tumour banks around Australia in terms of standard operating procedures for tissue and data sharing to make the most of the data collected throughout Australia and facilitate collaboration between the labs and individual researchers.


Team & Partners 

  • University of Queensland
  • The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane
  • Queensland neurosurgeons
  • Queensland Health



Ensuring samples are carefully gathered, preserved and accompanied by complete patient clinical data is challenging but crucial for clinically relevant research.




Brain tumour banking is an essential part of the process of finding a cure for brain cancer. A consolidated brain tumour bank for the state allows researchers to easily access the data they need for genetic characterisation, analysis of cancer-related genes, proteins and pathways. It also provides a mechanism for the production of tumour cell lines to test new therapies. If therapies produce promising results in the pre-clinical phase, it is possible for them to move through to clinical trials and potentially give patients new treatment options.


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