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SW/TCH Festival

A unique, inter-industry innovation tournament that brings together Australia's leading corporates, entrepreneurs, students and organisations for two days of world class insight, transformation and competition, with Cure Brain Cancer the beneficiary of this innovative revenue stream. 

SWITCH Festival 2015 

What is SW/TCH Festival?

SW/TCH Festival 2016 will be held at UTS Business School on 20-21 July, with the support of some of Australia’s leading corporates and universities.

SWITCH Festival is an innovation tournament designed to stimulate growth by creating inter-industry linkages, resetting corporate culture and breaking down siloed, incremental approaches to innovation. We focus on inter-industry collaboration, learning & development and business value creation.

“The coming together of industries to solve real customer problems is where we could get some real fundamental shifts and some real global change type ideas.”

- Claire Rogers, Head of Digital Strategy and Business Performance, ANZ 

We encourage businesses in different industries to:

  • open up their IP and assets to trusted partners
  • diversify their platforms and activities
  • monetise underexploited resources
  • create new business models
  • grow market share 

What happens at SW/TCH?

SWITCH Festival 2015 

Day One of SWITCH Festival (Transformation Day) is designed to connect participants to global advances and innovative practices. During skills-based workshops, they will learn how to articulate ideas, agree on concepts and use design thinking principles to rapidly scale-up existing assets and data.

“The unique thing about this SWITCH event is really collaboration. There are other events that address innovation and disruption, but this one’s got a great focus on collaboration and looking at how we can partner with others to build something greater than we could ever build for ourselves.”

- Nicole Steven, Head of Business Development, Blackmores 

During the day, blended multi-disciplinary teams composed of corporates, startups, students, government and not-forprofits will be formed in preparation for the Inter-Industry Tournament on day 2. These teams will be given a challenge and will use their shared skills, experience and creative genius to ideate, test hypotheses and come up with transformative, commercially viable, cross-industry solutions.

They are able to request the help and advice of the speakers, coaches and subject matter experts who are on hand to guide and mentor them, before they are judged by a panel of recognised innovators.

Over these two high energy days, we hope to challenge assumptions, provoke action, create deep inter-industry linkages and ultimately stimulate exponential change.

 “I have been to several conferences around the world. One thing that made SWITCH stand out from all of them was the combination of a hackathon + conference element. I loved the the Transformation Day. The networking and collaboration potential during SWITCH was incredible.”

- MBA Student, University of Sydney

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet brilliant minds from a variety of sectors and to connect with them. There will be drinks and entertainment at the end of each day, a VIP dinner for our major sponsors on the first night and a party for all participants to conclude on the 21st July. 

Why participate as a partner?

Attending SWITCH Festival as a corporate sponsor provides you with the opportunity to activate multiple teams across your business and to give them the opportunity to ideate, collaborate and compete in a totally new way.

“One of the problems with things like hackathons is that they tend to be quite technical, and the world isn’t just about technology, its about a holistic approach, and SWITCH FESTIVAL achieves that.”

- Michael Bromley, Head of Digital & Creative Services, IAG 

Why take part as a participant? 

SWITCH Festival 2015 

Participants are not only be exposed to new ideas, skills, methodologies and frameworks, but most importantly, will have the opportunity to put them in action, experiment with them and have their work judged and evaluated in a safe, but challenging, environment. 

 “All the attendees were PASSIONATE! Passionate about disruptive innovation and also about Cure Brain Cancer cause. Everyone was into the event and giving it 100%.”

- Digital Analyst, ANZ 

  • Network across industries
  • Receive high level coaching & training 
  • Showcase your entrepreneurial talent to industry leaders 
  • Learn & upskill
  • Think differently
  • Test your skills and ideas 


Catherine Stace, Switch Founder"If we can cure brain cancer through the vision and courage to disrupt, then you too can disrupt and innovate, embrace diversity and manage change. Please, let Cure Brain Cancer Foundation be your example, be your example to staff, to your clients, to your board, to your investors, and all other stakeholders. Please join us and Switch."

- Catherine Stace, CEO Cure Brain Cancer Foundation & SWITCH Co-founder

Find out more about our 2016 SWITCH Festival program, who's taking part and how to take part as a partner or a participant