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Recent projects

Cure Brain Cancer funds a range of innovative projects, from understanding the basic biology of how tumour cells migrate, to finding ways to improve the quality of life in patients undergoing cancer treatment. Read highlights of Cure Brain Cancer funded projects from 2013 and before and click on the individual links for more. 


Genomics research in Queensland - Prof Brandon Wainwright

Professor Brandon Wainwright's laboratory is currently pursuing studies of primary brain tumours in children and is embarking on the use of “genomic technology” to understand brain tumours that occur in adults such as glioblastoma. Read more


Novel targeted chemotherapeutic agents against DIPG - Dr David Ziegler

Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPGs) are the leading cause of brain cancer-related death in children. They can’t be effectively treated, and prognosis is poor. For the first time ever reported, the team have used a robotic technology to screen over 3,500 biologically active, clinically approved, pharmaceutical compounds to test their ability to inhibit DIPG cell growth. Read more


Tumour banking in Queensland - Dr Sarah Olson

This project aims to establish and run a consolidated brain tumour bank for the state of Queensland to facilitate innovative brain cancer research. Brain tumour banking is an essential part of the process of finding a cure for brain cancer. Read more


Glioblastoma study: understanding long-term survivors - A/Prof Kerrie McDonald

The Cure Brain Cancer Neuro-oncology Group is determined to elucidate some of the as yet unknown mechanisms allowing for the long-term survival of glioblastoma. This study is looking at both what drives the long-term survival of the tumour and also the long-term survival of some patients. 


Kynurenine Pathway Project - Prof Gilles Guillemin

Brain cancer patients have impaired immune system function which promotes cancer growth. The kynurenine pathway is a metabolic pathway which impairs the immune system. This project investigates novel therapeutics that target the pathway to restore normal immune system function. Read more. 


Microglia targeting of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) - Prof Manuel Graeber 

This project aims to develop and refine technology to send genetically enhanced microglia (the brain’s resident immune cells) into diseased brains to directly target glioblastoma multiforme cells. Read more.


Co-ordination of Care Scoping Project - ACG Research & Healthcare

With such a complex disease, co-ordination of care is critical to both the quality of patient care and treatment and also the ability to centralise patient data for research. This scoping study, to be conducted by ACG Research and Healthcare, will define the parameters for implementing the ACG care co-ordination model for brain cancer successfully in Australia. Read more


Previous Projects

For a list of brain cancer research projects, prior to 2013, please click here.