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Cure Brain Cancer is determined to promote collaboration across disciplines, teams and borders to help us achieve our mission. Our partnerships are based on mutual benefits, with corporates, research teams or institutions and other not-for-profit or international organisations.

Corporate partnerships 

A partnership with Cure Brain Cancer benefits an organisation that:

  • Believes in, and wishes to be associated with innovation.
  • Is looking for a cause with specific, tangible goals, such as our 10 year mission.
  • Wants their support to have significant impact through driving rapid breakthroughs.
  • Is interested in a more strategic end to end approach to research.
  • Wants to align their brand or products to a highly engaged audience.

Find out more about our current corporate partners here, and specific partnership packages here.

Research partnerships

For research teams and institutions, the benefits of working with Cure Brain Cancer are:

  • We often provide long term funding, to prevent researchers from having to reapply year on year.
  • We look at the entire research pathway, and focus on ensuring projects progress as far as the clinic.
  • We actively seek to work with disciplines outside but relevant to neuro-oncology, such as neuroscience, oncology, genomics and nanotechnology.
  • We work to promote the profile of research institutions, teams and individual researchers.
  • We have developed a research funding strategy that prioritises areas of high impact, although we also consider investigator-led applications.
  • We have a history of working with the best research talent in Australia.
  • We have a growing international reputation.

Find out more about our research strategy and programs, our current research partners, and international partners.

Not-for-profit partnerships

The benefits our not-for-profit partners have accrued from working with us include:

  • Critical mass in terms of communications or lobbying influence.
  • Additional awareness of a particular issue.
  • Receiving funding from us.
  • Mutual promotion of each organisation.
  • Introduction to other partners or collaborations.

Find out more about our current not-for-profit partners.

International partnerships

Cure Brain Cancer is driving the brain cancer research agenda in Australia, with alignment to international priorities. The advantages of working with Cure Brain Cancer for an international organisation are:

  • We are already working with a significant list of international brain cancer research partners.
  • We co-launched the Global Brain Exchange (GBX) in 2013 and will be hosting further high-profile international neuro-oncology meetings.
  • Australia has significant expertise applicable to brain cancer research, such as immunology, and Cure Brain Cancer can facilitate introductions to specialists in various fields.
  • We support a significant, trans-Australian consortium, the Brain Cancer Discovery Collaborative which is well connected internationally.

Find out more about our current international partners.

Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner of Cure Brain Cancer, please email Dan Chapman at mailto:dan.chapman@curebraincancer.og.au indicating the nature of your organisation and interests and our partnership team will contact you shortly. 

Or call our partnership team on (02) 9550 5244 (country code for Australia is +61). For corporate partnerships, see more information here.

Find Out How Your Company Can Help
Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease. Our mission is to increase five-year survival from the current 20% to 50% by 2023 by funding vital research for both adults and children.