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Vasoprint – innovative 3D vascular maps

Vasoprint recently won the award for 'Most Disruptive Enterprise' as part of the Universtiy of Sydney's Genesis StartUp Program. Read our guest blog by the Vasoprint's team leader, Seamus Thomson.


Vasoprint team with photo credit 

The Vasoprint team recently won the prize for ‘Most Disruptive Enterprise’ as part of the Sydney Genesis StartUp Program. The Program is an innovation initiative set up to bridge theoretical learning and real-world problems, as well as connecting teams with industry specialists to aid commercialisation. While surgeons have long had access to two dimensional images when planning procedures, Vasoprint is an innovative new technology that provides a patient-specific 3D vascular map for surgical procedures. The 3D printed angiogram model is generated through a unique algorithm that converts stacks of 2D images into ready-to-print vasculature templates.

The University’s Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor Andrew Ruys, describes Vasoprint as a potential “game changer for surgical pre-planning and surgical training”.

The 3D prints aim to assist surgeons in planning difficult procedures, especially those associated with the vasculature of the brain such as aneurysms. The overall goal of the technology is to improve patient outcomes. A prototype of the software has been successful and the device is being further developed with researchers at the University of Sydney.

The team of five are passionate about improving patient outcomes and are a diverse mix student and graduates from the University of Sydney. Their fields include Engineering, Medical Science, Business, and Law with most completing their honours theses. 


About the author:

Seamus Thomson



Seamus Thomson recently finished a Bachelor of Mechanical (Biomedical) Engineering (honours) and a Bachelor of Medical Science. In 2014-2015 he travelled to the United States as an undergraduate to conduct research in bone tissue engineering that resulted in a publication. He and his team are passionate about improving the quality of patient’s lives through connecting doctors with the latest technology and look forward to further developing and commercialising their product.