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Global Brain Exchange

The Global Brain Exchange (GBX) is a key Cure Brain Cancer strategic initiative with the intent to radically accelerate a cure for brain cancer through facilitating and breaking down barriers to global, cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Cure Brain Cancer held a workshop in Sydney in March 2013 with 39 leaders from within and outside the brain cancer community in Australia, as well as 3 international guests: Webster Cavenee from the Ludwig Institute, University of California San Diego,  Sarah Caddick, Neuroscience Advisor Lord Sainsbury of Turville and Kees Kleihues van Tol. The attendees successfully identified current issues from multiple perspectives and developed a preliminary design for an alternative system that could accelerate treatments. 

Cure Brain Cancer was subsequently invited to attend the Defeat GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) Think Tank held in the US in late August 2013. Defeat GBM is a subsidiary of the (US) National Brain Tumour Society (NBTS) and is a research collaborative which aims to double the five-year survival rate of GBM patients – in just five years. The Think Tank was a forum to discuss global research priorities, and provided further impetus to awareness and acceptance of a developing five-continent consortium.

Between September and November 2013, based on our contribution to the Defeat GBM Think Tank and alignment with Defeat GBM, Cure Brain Cancer was invited to participate in a number of other international workshops and conferences:

  • (US) National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) strategy meeting in Chengdu, China 
  • FutureMed conference in San Diego, USA – developments in health technologies
  • FasterCures Conference in New York, USA – developments in consortia-led and new models to accelerate medical research
  • Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco, USA
  • National Brain Tumor Society Summit and International Scientific Meeting in Boston, USA

These meetings allowed the core GBX team to gain valuable knowledge in global brain cancer research priorities, technological developments in healthcare, and collaborative models in medical research.  We also established or deepened valuable international connections.

Defeat GBM has now taken on the leadership and has recently appointed PWC Global Health Consulting to manage the program. A review of the program planning documentation suggests that much of our work and thinking has been incorporated into the emerging initiative. It should be noted that ‘Global Brain Exchange’ or GBX was the holding title, and Defeat GBM are now considering a name, which is likely to refer to glioma, being the most common form of brain cancer. 

Benefits to Cure Brain Cancer and Australia:

a .     A clear, objective, focussed and comprehensive research strategy for Cure Brain Cancer in line with global priorities.

b.      Increased opportunities for appropriate, promising clinical trials being made available to Australian patients.

c.      Strategy, model and funding to achieve 10-year mission.

d.      Participation by international leaders on our scientific advisory committee.