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Our Board of Directors

Ms Joanne Quin BA (Hons), LLB (Hons) - Chair

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the University of Leeds, UK and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the University of Adelaide. She brings a broad range of skills and has 10 years’ experience in banking and finance. Joanne is also a member of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Finance and Risk Management (FARM) Committee.

Ms Beverley Trivett

Beverley established The John Trivett Foundation in 1998 for brain tumour research, in memory of her late husband John Trivett. In July 2014, the John Trivett Foundation joined with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Beverley is now an active ambassador, benefactor and director, based in Queensland.

Ms Claire Clayton 

Claire is Managing Director of Blue Seed Consulting Pty Ltd and is a seasoned change management practitioner with more than 15 years’ industry experience and a proven track record of delivering across large scale transformational change programs in complex environments. Claire is acknowledged for her strength in delivering change within the financial services and media industries.

Mr Michael Masterson 

Michael is Chairman of several private companies and Deputy CEO of EverEdge, specialising in highgrowth businesses and intangible assets, throughout New Zealand, the US, the UK and Australia. Michael is also Chair of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Remuneration and Nomination Committee.

Ms Leslie Chong

Leslie Chong is currently the MD/CEO of Imugene developing immunooncology therapy. She has more than 21 years of experience in leading clinical and department development in cancer therapy. Previously a Senior Clinical Program Leader at Genentech, a member of the Roche family, in the head office in San Francisco.  

She has therapeutic expertise in all areas of oncology indication but with special focus and dedication to finding a cure for brain cancer. Leslie believes that early development and research in oncology innovations has the ability to bring transformative medicine to cancer patients.  

Mr Danny Rezek 

Danny is a Partner of Deloitte, the former Office Managing Partner of Deloitte Western Sydney, prior to which he led the Motor Industry Services group nationally for Deloitte.

Before joining Deloitte Danny was the Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Australia. Danny is currently on one other Not For Profit Board and on the Steering Committee for the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities for Sydney. 



Prof. Charlie Teo AM

Prof Teo was the Founder of Cure For Life, now called Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. In September 2017, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Professor Charlie Teo decided to pursue different strategic directions in our search for a cure for brain cancer, while both remaining deeply committed to this important cause. As such, Prof Teo and the Foundation are now completely independent from each other.

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