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Make life your legacy

A gift in your Will could help us cure the biggest killer of the youngest. 

Erin | Cure Brain Gancer

There was no more passionate advocate for brain cancer research than Erin Griffin, who died aged 14 from a form of brain cancer called DIPG. During her courageous life she fought tirelessly to raise awareness for the disease.

Your Will is a unique opportunity to support the people and causes that are important to you after you have gone. Once you have provided for family and friends, please consider including a gift to Cure Brain Cancer.

Make life your legacy
Your Will can change the future

A gift in your Will can help us assertively advance on a disease that is the biggest killer of the youngest.

  • $10,000 will pay for one month of research.
  • $50,000 will fund one child or adult on an Australian clinical trial. 
  • $100,000 will support a scientist for a year. 
  • $500,000 will bring an international clinical trial to Australia for 10 patients to access.


Only 20% survival

There are more than 120 types of brain tumour and the few treatment options currently available do not work for most patients.                                                        

A fraction of the funds

Compared to other cancers, brain cancer research receives a fraction of the funding. Which is why children and adults with this disease are in the greatest need of support.

High cost

The financial cost of brain cancer - to both patients and society - is the highest of all cancers.

Leaving a gift in your Will is a simple process.

1. Seek legal advice

We recommend that you seek the advice of an independent Solicitor or qualified legal advisor before making or changing your Will, and before choosing Executors to administer your Estate. These experts will step you through the process and ensure all the legal requirements are met to effectively express and enforce your wishes. 

If you already have a Will your Solicitor can help you to simply add a codicil – an additional clause that includes details of your gift, and complies with all the requirements of a valid Will.

Our experienced team are also on hand to answer any general questions you might have at any stage of the process

2. Gift options 

There are three main forms of gift for you to choose from, which can each be specified to the value of your choice:

  • Residuary: This is the remainder of your Estate after first providing for family and friends. 
  • Percentage: This is a gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of your total Estate. Dividing your Estate by percentage or fractions helps to maintain the real value of your gift, protecting it from reduction through inflation 
  • Specific gift: This gift can specify a particular sum of money, real estate, shares/bonds, artwork, jewellery or other specific item/s of value. 

A Residuary Gift is the best way to support the work of Cure Brain Cancer.

3. Provide the correct wording to your Solicitor 

This suggested wording is a guide only and is subject to your Solicitor's professional legal advice in the preparation of your Will:

“I bequeath to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation ABN 22 121 906 036 for its general purposes the residue OR a XX percent share of my Estate OR a specified sum OR specified item/s free of all duties, and the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor(s)."

You may also require our registered address: 

Level 1, 351 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

4. Explain your wishes to your family and Executor 

It is a good idea to talk with your family now about your Will and gift, to avoid any confusion and help them fulfil your wishes after you have gone. You may also prefer to leave a written statement with your Will stating your reasons for giving to charity.

5. We are here to help you

If you have questions, need a referral to a solicitor or any help whatsoever arranging your bequest, we have a dedicated specialist to assist. You may have questions about our organisation, how your gift would be used or how best to specify your wishes in your Will. 

We'd also like to be able to thank you personally. 

If you've already included Cure Brain Cancer in your Will, or are considering doing so, it's a great help if you let us know your intention. Please be assured that all information you provide to Cure Brain Cancer is held in the strictest confidence. And we will be guided by you regarding any further communication you would want with the Foundation. 

Please contact:

Jennifer Ball
Cure Brain Cancer Foundation 
Phone | 02 8973 1411
Email | jennifer.ball@curebraincancer.org.au
Postal address: PO Box 392, Surry Hills NSW 2010