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Our mission is bold: to increase five-year survival to 50% by 2023. You are a key player in making this happen.  You can help influence others -  from your social media network, to your local community, to the Federal Government -  to make real progress.  Get people talking about the issues. How will you help spread the word?

Join our advocacy network  

Help brain cancer's voice grow even louder by joining our grassroots advocacy network. Together, we will ensure brain cancer has a loud voice, improving survival outcomes for people with brain cancer.


Brain cancer kills more children than any other cancer.  We think most Australians are unaware of this and many other facts about brain cancer; not just the low survival rates but the high cost per patient and the lack of funding. Share content and stories from this website on your social networks. Follow us on our social channels, and share our content there (see the links to our channels in the footer below).

Contact Your Local MP 

Every letter your write, phone call you make, and email you send makes it harder for our government to ignore the urgent need to significantly increase the survival rate of brain cancer. Contact your local MP and let them know why brain cancer research is so important to you, and why it needs to get put on the agenda now.  

Locate your local federal MP and their contact details here.

Key points to include in your communication are are:

  • Leading cause of cancer death: brain cancer kills more children and people under 40 than any other cancer.
  • Highest costs: brain cancer costs more per patient than any other cancer.
  • Under-funded: despite all of this, brain cancer has the least amount of federal funding of all cancers.

Tips to effectively communicate with your MP:

  • Be personal. Don’t worry about your writing style.  Being personal and authentic goes a long way.  Include why you care about this issue and why you think they should too.
  • Be polite
  • Include your contact details, particularly your address and phone number.
  • Hand sign letters

Be sure to follow up to make sure your message cuts through and makes an impact.