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Our beautIful Moppy…
The most beautiful, sweet, darling, gentle, caring soul, how can something like this happen to you.
You were so young and full of life, it's not fair why you.
We can't imagine how scared and how brave you had to of been
We never heard you complain
We are so sorry that you had to go through this.
If only we could of taken it away.
We will miss your cheeky smile, your sweet English accent, your infectious giggle, your unique style, your love of music, and most of all your beautiful presence
We will treasure all the memories that we made together, all the the good times and all the laughs, so many laughs
Just know that we love you so much and that you are, and will always be, constantly in our thoughts,
You will live forever in our hearts
We will look for you in rainbows and smile when we hear your favourite songs
We will live our lives by your example - living life to the fullest, doing what you love, with who you love
We won’t say goodbye because it’s not goodbye, we will see you again
Until then…
Sweet dreams and kissachoos forever xxxx

1570 days ago
love you, my little sister x
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